j. berenike herrmann



On 1 August 2017 I started a postoc position (“Oberassistentin”) at the DH Lab at Basel University! Looking forward to new, exciting endeavours!

The Special Interest Group “Digital Literary Stylistics” (SIG-DLS) has been approved by ADHO. Visit our website.

I’m delighted to be a Swiss Representative of the Management Committee of the new COST action “Distant Reading for European Literary History” .</p>

The 2018 IGEL DH-Symposium at IGEL conference Stavanger is in the make: News will be posted soon!

Upcoming talks at conferences

9-13 October 2017 - I’ll contribute a talk to the DFG Symposium Digitale Literaturwissenschaft at Villa Vigoni : Operationalisierung der Metapher zur quantifizierenden Untersuchung deutschsprachiger literarischer Texte im Übergang von Realismus zur Moderne.